Medicare and Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental or Voluntary Insurance is all the other stuff, Dental, Life, Disability, Accident, Telemedicine and more. These are all structured differently and at varied cost.


Is a Dental plan a good option for you? It can be and we can make the most informed decision for you. Do you want to see your family dentist and only them? Do they work with an insurance network or none at all? We can find a plan that works for you.


Accident plans can help pay for the cost of medical treatment, x-rays and physical therapy as well as time lost from work seeking treatment. Another great plan to consider for families.


Disability plans help you pay for your expenses in the event of illness, injury or even childbirth. Think of it as paycheck insurance, your doctors might be getting paid by your health insurance but you still have a mortgage or rent, food and other expenses. How will you pay those bills if you are unable to work?


Life insurance can offer different protections and/or serve as an investment. If you and your family have just bought a home and you want to be sure they will still have a roof over their heads should something unexpected happen to you, you can create a safety net for them. It is also a way to invest for the long term and create cash value.

Specified Disease

Specified Disease offers coverage and financial protections against certain illnesses, perhaps you have a family history of concern? Even with Health Insurance treatment costs can rise to the 10’s of thousands. It is worth considering one of these plans.

Ask me about your options!